Our Team

Ivan Grechkivsky


“I like to take care about two things: my people and my blueberries. When these two are okay, the business can flourish!”

Volodymyr Pak


«We created this business to bring the fruit of the fertile and generous Ukrainian land to those who appreciates it the most: the modern families».

Marianna Grechkivska

Director, Infrastructute Department

«The journey of our blueberry from the field to the table at someone’s kitchen is a very boring tale. Nothing happens to the berries, because everything is precise, organized and safe. They don’t make movies about adventures like that».

Natalia Pak

Director, Marketing Department

«Our blueberries are the super stars! We want everyone to have a chance to meet them. I think we have quite a fan-base, because once you go blueberries ­— you are on the blueberries team forever!»

Roksolyana Syrota

Director, Communications Department

«As many important scientists have pointed out blueberries are incapable of communicating. So we are doing it for them»

Olena Sliusar

Chief Accountant

«Hryvnias, dollars, euros, rubles… I think blueberries should be the main international currency: tasty and wholesome!»

Mykola Tsviliov

Chief Agronomist

«Being an agronomist in a blueberries company is a creative task. Because blueberries are not like any other plant — cultivated and grown. Our blueberries are cherished, adored and exalted!»

Bogdan Vasyura

Director, Quality Assurance

«We believe that all blueberries must be created equal – equally perfect and flawless!»

Iryna Galtsova

Director, Legal Department

«Each blueberry has rights. For example, the right for being extremely tasty and wholesome, the right to be sold to everyone who wishes to buy it, the right for meticulous care. The list is endless.»

Ivanna Boryshkevych

Office manager

«Taking care of blueberries is a complex task. As well as taking care about the office and everyone who works in it. Well, at least I don’t need to water anyone».

Tetiana Solovei


«If everyone around is thinking about the blueberries, it is always good to have a couple of people who would be thinking about the numbers.»

Olena Cherneta


«The next time you eat a blueberry try to imagine how many numbers are there behind it. I’m glad we don’t count each berry though. Or wait… are we?».

Ivan Shkavron

Director of Field Operations

«Some will say that business is done at the office, where the deals are made and documents are signed. But the real business starts in the field, where our amazing blueberry grows.»