About us

FAMILY GARDEN – it is 155 hectares of fine land, home of the best eco-blueberries in Ukraine, that passed ‘Organic Standard’ certification.

Our like-minded team continuously works towards making premium-quality organic produce, marketed in both Ukraine and EU.


Today «Family Gargen» stands for:

  • organic approach to agriculture that ensures high quality of the produce;
  • favorable environment for growing berries, strict compliance with agritechnology allowing plants to produce berries of superior taste and color;
  • Organic Standard’ - certified produce;
  • wide and unique range of produce of excellent composition - we grow 12 varieties of tall blueberries, namely: ‘Bluecrop’, ‘Bluegold’, ‘Spartan’, ‘Toro’, ‘Elizabeth’, ‘Nelson’, ‘Early Blue’, ‘Patriot’, ‘Darrow’, ‘Duke’, ‘Reka’, ‘Chanticleer’. Such variety portfolio allows harvesting from late June till October;
  • unique biodiversity of the plantation itself and the surrounding area;
  • large-scale operations - covering area 150 hectares  of highly fertile soils in Vyshgorod District of the Kyiv Region;
  • cutting-edge technologies of cultivation, harvesting, sorting and packaging of the produce; constant control of the entire production process - from seedling selection and planting up to delivery of packaged products the store shelves;
  • clean production – the only contact that humans have with the berry occurs at the harvesting stage;
  • sustainable development and ambitious projects - the company currently undergoes GLOBAL G.A.P certification, devising a construction project for erecting pre-cooling and fresh storage chambers, installation sites for sorting and packaging lines.





Social responsibility

We are committed to lead by example. We are building new, responsible Ukrainian agribusiness. We adhere to the principles of corporate social accountability and sustainable development. All Family Garden projects are implemented on the basis of modern management models that ensure the continuous improvement of all production processes. Adhering to the standards of GLOBAL G.A.P. we fulfill the requirements aimed at creating safe working conditions as well as carrying out of preventive measures on the basis of risk identification, their elimination and reduction for the personnel of the enterprise.

  • The company promotes economic development of local communities by providing jobs. Our company employs locals, pays taxes to local budgets, and procures goods and services from local suppliers.
  • Social accountability of ‘Family Garden’ has several components: a satisfied customer, employee , high-quality organic product! We really have something to be proud of, but we are aware that this is just the beginning. We will continue to work, changing for the better the world around us.