About us

We are a family business growing delicious blueberries on over 155 hectares of the best Ukrainian land.

Our company is based on social responsibility and innovation with the help of our team of dedicated professionals, who are proud to present the fruit of their work on both Ukrainian and EU markets.

«FamilyGarden» today:

  • Organic approach to ensure high quality of the product;
  • Flawless agrotechnology to guarantee superior taste and color of the berries;
  • Organic certifications — to maintain the customers’ trust;
  • Harvests from June till October thanks to wide blueberry variety portfolio;
  • Operations on more than 150 hectares of highly fertile soils in Vyshgorod District;
  • Cutting-edge technologies on all stages of production;
  • Meticulous quality control from seeding selection to delivery to the stores;
  • Clean production: humans only contact the berries during the harvesting stage;
  • Sustainable development and constant growth.




ETI Base Code (English)

ETI Base Code

Social responsibility
  • Social responsibility

    We want to be the example for others to build new responsible Ukrainian agrobusiness. That’s why corporate social accountability and sustainable development come first. We constantly improve each and every stage of the production with the careful outlook on the ecology and aim to fulfil standards of GLOBAL G.A.P. Organic Standard and GLOBAL G.A.P. GRASP to make sure our employees operate in a risk-free work environment.

    We help local communities grow by providing jobs, paying taxes to local budgets and working with local suppliers. And we commit to making the world around us a better place by satisfying our customers’ needs, taking good care about our employees and creating the best quality organic product. And this is just the beginning!